View Full Version : H&R Excell

November 16, 2008, 07:03 PM
Anybody have any knowlege of these? Where are they made and are they reliable? They make a 22 inch turkey gun that looks pretty decent. Also who else sells a similar gun i.e. short semiauto shotgun? Thanks for any help.

November 16, 2008, 10:09 PM
They are very good shotguns for the money. It is the same shotgun as the Verona SX405. The newer model with the Remington style rounded receiver are the best ones because they have better features.

I own two of them and they are very reliable. CDNN is having a closeout sale on the Verona 405/401 24" & 26" barrels. The are $50 and a steal. I bought two. The Remington 870 tube ext will fit these shotguns but you need to remove a 1/6" off the shotgun mag tube so it will screw all the way down. You can also use a Wison or GG&G sling plate as a spacer to take up the slack. Drill a small hole in the forend for the sling plate detent ball to recede into. This will also keep the tube ext from loosening under recoil. An 870 +3 tube ext will extend past a 22" barrel a 1/4".

Here is my Excell A5 with a 20.5" cut Verona 405 barrels installed, 8+1 capacity 870 tube ext. I have the longer barrels for them also.