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October 30, 2008, 07:53 PM
I inherited a Smith and Wesson .455 from my father (it belonged to my grandfather originally). The barrel is clearly marked with Smith & Wesson .455 with patents in 1901 and 1906. The gun seems to be in very good shape. The butt of the gun has a "crown" with the number 30 under it and the serial number is 69206. The lanyard loop is located here as well. The original cross pattern grips with S&W medallions are still in tact. Anyone have any information on this gun as I am trying to see if it has any value? Thanks for the help.

Jim Watson
October 30, 2008, 11:04 PM
You have a S&W .455 Mark II Hand Ejector Second Model, made for the British from 1915 - 1917.

I won't guess a dollar number but depending on condition and originality, it could be worth a good deal of money. Internet "very good shape" does not tell anything in NRA grading or Blue Book percentages.
Many of these guns were rechambered to shoot .45 Colt or .45 ACP and Auto Rim because .455 is hard to come by in the US. That will reduce the resale value a lot.

Show good clear closeup pictures here and on the S&W board and you can get some more information.

October 30, 2008, 11:47 PM
If your "very good" shape indicates the NRA "Very Good" (VG) condition, approximate value is around $500. If it is in better shape the values start jumping pretty fast.

The Crown over 30 is a British proof stamp. Elsewhere on the gun, it may be stamped "NOT ENGLISH MADE" if it went into British service. These guns were made for the British during WW-I as augments to the .455 Webley service revolver.

Since it was your father's gun, I suggest that you keep it to remember your father. Fiocchi still produces a .455 Webley cartridge, though they're fairly expensive. It fires a 262 RNL bullet at 850 fps.