View Full Version : COLT “Officers Model” Series 80 with COMMANDER SLIDE

Mike Discher
October 23, 2008, 07:31 PM
COLT “Officers Model” Series 80 with COMMANDER SLIDE

About two years ago I acquired the following weapon:

Weapon: Colt Officer’s Series 80 MK IV. .45 ACP.
Serial Number SFXXXXXE. Model 09180E (on box).
Officer’s frame (6 Rd.) with beavertail grip safety……….
Commander slide! Bright nickel or polished stainless like finish, black front and rear sights w/ three-dot, non-glow and non-adjustable.

The blue box sleeve has the correct serial number but indicates Colt
Officers 3.5 inch barrel. It also has a sticker with; Lew H 2/97..etc

Briefly, the weapon was originally made as a standard Officers Series with the small frame and slide. The weapon was one of 125 that went to the Colt Custom Shop and modified for a police order by mating the frame to a Commander slide and barrel. Since the order never went through, the entire lot was sold to Lew Horton. The gals at the Colt Historical Section tried in vain to verify this story, but could only confirm that the weapons went to the Custom Shop and were later invoiced out to Lew Horton, but no record can be found of the aforementioned slide modification. Lew Horton confirmed via email (ONLY!) that they received the weapons from Colt with the Commander Slides. Last year I did locate another one of these weapons, but although the owner had the same story with his, he lacked documentation as well.

Since I have no clue as to what police department may have originally ordered the weapons back in the late 1990’s, I can only ask if any of you folks have either run in to one of these weapons or heard of same.