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October 22, 2008, 05:10 PM
several months ago I had been shooting my Ruger MKIII pistol. My 18 year old son asked how fast DO you have to fire one to jam it? I put in a mag and with one hand held it and with the other I flicked off 10 rounds with out fail and did it with a few more mags and he was impressed with the reliability. well the next day a deputy showed up to ask me about full auto weapons and if I had been firing full auto at my home. I said no and prodded him for more info about the complaint. He told me it was the previous day and I put 2 and 2 together and told him about my pistol shooting and had tons of spent brass laying about. I asked if he would like to "SEE" the pistol in question and that I could "DEMONSTRATE" the source of the concern the complainant had heard. He was hesitant but I informed him my pistol wasn't leaving nor were any officers entering my home without a warrant. He said he would get a supervisor on the radio. Shortly after while we chit chatted and I showed him my home made 60 yard range his super arrived. They talked and decided I could bring it out... "EMPTY AND OPEN PLEASE" I did and they looked it over and I handed each a mag full and they popped off rounds and tried to find a secret lever to go full auto and when each had finished I re loaded both mags and said... try it FAST! They both did and I loaded a mag and fired as I had the day before. Man they got a grin that was priceless! They told me that it sure sounded full auto to them and they would inform the complainant no to worry and then asked if it was souped up or hot rodded in any way? I told them no And I think one had already done the math to be sure he could afford one! Love the rural life and rural LEO's seem to be much more laid back too!

Brian Pfleuger
October 22, 2008, 07:02 PM
I'm glad you see the humor in it because I'm not sure I would. I had a sort of similar situation when I was about 18....

I shot a bird out the window of our house with a .22. I had done this MANY times and my neighbor not only knew but had more than once said I could shoot all I wanted (his house was only 400 or so feet from ours). Anyway, I shoot this bird (probably a 70 degree angle from their house) and about an hour later a state trooper shows up at my house saying that my neighbors daughter called saying I shot at her with a BB gun, which I didn't even own at the time. I told the officer I didn't own a BB gun and he says "What do you own?" I told him about the .22 and he asked if I'd shot it, along with the comment "...and don't lie to me 'cuz I'll take it to the lab and have it tested." I told him I had no reason to lie an I had shot it and showed him the bird. He then tells me that the daughter says there's a BULLET hole in the dog food bag she was standing near. I said "Bullet hole? I thought it was a BB gun I supposedly shot at her with?" He says "Whatever, if there a hole in that dog food bag your going to be arrested" then he says "You shouldn't shoot birds this close to a neighbor, what if it's flying by and you shoot the neighbors house." I replied that people don't generally shoot birds in the air with a .22. He's says "That's not the point. I'll be back if there's a whole in that bag."

He leaves and I never see him again. What an IDIOT. Worst experience I ever had with a police officer.

Shane Tuttle
October 22, 2008, 08:16 PM

I have a feeling that the method you handled the situation had more to do with it than you think. From the information you provided and the pattern of behavior you've displayed since you've been here, I'm fairly convinced that you simply showed respect to the officer and was willing to cooperate immediately. Also, showing that you had nothing to hide at the same time making it clear that due process was in order if they want to pry probably helped matters.

Love the rural life and rural LEO's seem to be much more laid back too!

I miss Texas. The LE there was similar in that regard.

October 23, 2008, 09:15 AM
Thanks Tuttle, I hadn't so much figured my attitude played into it but I am sure had I been a hot headed idiot it could have gone very different.
On a side note the deputy most interested asked if that sour cream tub of ammo was special ammo. I assured him it was federal bulk from wal-mart. He then asked about jams and his jaw dropped when I said I have not had a single stove pipe in over 2,000 rounds with the only failure being a few dud rounds that usually went off if I turned the round half way around. He went on to say that his duty weapon was not one tenth that reliable with the ammo supplied by the department. :D
Come to think of it I need to look for him and see if he bought one and wants the mag safety removed and do some shootin' together!

Shane Tuttle
October 23, 2008, 06:56 PM
He went on to say that his duty weapon was not one tenth that reliable with the ammo supplied by the department.

Sure would like to know what firearms and ammo are issued....

October 23, 2008, 07:14 PM
I am guessing he is using white box ammo at the range...:confused:
But even if he is exaggerating a bit I bet mine with over 2,000 rounds without a stove pipe is better than most duty weapons issued by small agencies that rarely face shoot out situations.

Johnny Guest
October 23, 2008, 10:51 PM
None of this deals with NFA fidrearms or accessories.