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60's Refugee
October 21, 2008, 11:47 AM
I'm looking to buy a mold for my .54 Sharps. I have heard that I want a Rapine ringtail mold. I found a listing for the Lyman version, but can't find a shop that stocks the Rapine. Lyman says their's is for the Pietta Sharps, but I have an Armi Sport. Any differance? My goal is to duplicate the original minnie profile and shape as much as possible. This will permit the bullet to position further into the chamber during loading. I've been using the Horniday Great Plains hollow point glued to a nitrated paper cartridge. It's close, but no cigar! I'm a one armed shooter so loading with cartridges instead of loose powder and ball is easier (and safer) for me.

Is pure lead sufficient, or should I use a lead/tin/antimony alloy like for metallic cartridge bullets?


December 14, 2008, 09:46 PM
I'm havin' the same trouble with gettin' a Rapine mold. The Armi Sport has an aparently bigger bore that the Perosoli and IAB which DGW sells.
I got a measurement of .545" x .528" on my Carbine. Still lookin' and figurin'.
The flat base pointed boolit is what I hav found to be hisorically correct...but what I want it a heavy boolit that groups well and shoots far. The Armi Sport Cav Carbine has a 1 in 22" twist made gfor a heavy boolit like 4435gr to 550gr.
Awaiting activation to post in Shilo Sharps forum and find out what will do the job.
Here a Rapine Chart and the Rapine phone number: