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October 8, 2008, 02:14 PM
I’m trying to locate information on a 70’s era image intensifying sight I collected recently.
I’ve been able to find out a little about it from a photocopy of a catalog, but any more info would be appreciated.

From al old Oldelft catalog, I think, comes the following information:
Cat # (presumably an Oldelft product #) 3394.193 "Type RS4TS individual weapons sight"
"This is a small, lightweight image-intensifier system for observation & direct firing with weapons at night. Though suitable for mounting on most basic infantry weapons the night sight can also be used for hand-held observation.
In it's modular concept the sight is similar to the crew-served weapon sight type GS6TS (3395.193) having the central housing incorporating tube & controls in common.
Design features include an adjustable sky diaphragm to suppress the disturbing effects of night sky illumination, and a reticule with adjustable illumination. To prevent tube damage when observing hits on amour special, flash-proof image intensifier tubes are incorporated."

Magnification 4X
Field of view 10 degrees
Focus range 20m ~ infinity
Detection range Typically 500m for infantry targets and 1000m for tanks.
Length 365mm
Width 135mm
Weight 2kg.
In quantity production; deliveries to various military and para-military forces."
I noticed that the STANAG fittings on the base of the unit are added to a different mounting system, consisting of 2 sets of 2 bolts, tapped directly into the base of the unit. Maybe this is the mounting for the crew-served weapons mentioned above & the STANAG was an add-on for I.W. use?
Also the 6mm STANAG boltholes tapped into these adaptors are larger than 6mm & have had heli-coils inserted to reduce the thread size to the 6mm STANAG specs.

The unit I have seems to have been re-painted at some time. On the (very poor) photocopy in the Oldelft catalog there are 2 labels that can't be deciphered. These seem to have been removed before painting on mine & the battery polarity label re-attached later. There is an (illegible) 2 line typed phrase directly above the range focus knob, and some kind of light-colored label with black writing about 2/3 of the way along the tube, towards the front. This is hard to read also, but seems to be a set of "cheat-sheet" user instructions for using the controls.

Finally the reticule is a green cross with a central gap at the point of aim, if that helps at all.

I mounted the unit on a STANAG (Argie, or FN) top cover for the FAL & took some better pics of the unit from several angles & added close-up pics of the controls & so on. Surprisingly the scope allows for a decent chin weld on my stock, this surprised me, as it looks so very high when mounted.







October 8, 2008, 02:15 PM
Please note.
Tye FN-FAL topcover was added by me, it is not original. It's very possible that this sight was never used with the FAL rifle.

A few more detail pics.





It *may* also be known as an "HV 5X80, Mk IV"
Personally I doubt this, as it is a 4X magnification & the front objective diameter is not 80mm.

October 22, 2008, 04:54 AM
Looks like a PVS-4. Or at least a NATO cousin of it. It's 1st gen night vision. When I joined the army back in 2000 we still had a few in our armory. We mounted them on 249"s and 240B machine guns. They work okay if you have a good moon.

October 22, 2008, 08:15 AM
Looks like a PVS-4.

My first thought too, but it's been so long since I saw one I can't be sure.