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September 30, 2008, 10:24 AM
:eek:Greetings im kinna new at this forum and ive got a gut buster of a question that ive researched until my brain is twriling can someone please help me? Question: I have a old IMPERIAL METALS .22 cal short revolver model 101 with the mint stamp on the barrel im trying to discover any information about it, I had a expert firearms builder at fort hood custom machine me a new hammer for it at a GREAT price i may add and am looking for anyone that knows anything about this pistol that my wife so loves in case anything else breaks LOL>. thank you for any time spent on this but can anyone help me? Mars in cassoce arkansas.

September 30, 2008, 01:52 PM
Mars, you really should get your wife something more reliable. I can not think of anything good to say about your IMP revolver. Even those who endorse and enjoy shooting the so call Saturday night specials look down on this gun. It is really, really a Zinc alloy unreliable little gun. You have already replaced the hammer, in just a few shots it will something else. I am not being a gun snob, I really feel the IMP revolvers are more dangerous to the shooter than the target. This revolver is a Rohm RG-10 clone, In fact I believe that it is assembled from from imported Rohm RG-10 parts. Sorry about that

September 30, 2008, 02:19 PM
I found a few closed gunbroker auctions on an Imperial Metal model 7, but not on a 101. It has already been mentioned but the ones that I have found looked like the RG-10, except they looked nicer. Unfortunantly, information on this company not widely known on the internet. I can look when I get home, but who knows...
If you have the overpowering urge to shoot it at least take it to a gunsmith first and make sure it can handle being worked. That being said; I suggest firing .22 CB loads through it, and nothing hotter.
I know it bugs meto have a gun that I just plan ol' can't shoot. Just so long as it hasn't been worn out, it should be able to shoot a few.
Have fun, and post pics if possible.

September 30, 2008, 05:10 PM
Guys omg, thank you so much so it is a Rohm 10 well thats as close as the guy at fort hood could tell me and in fact you told me more, well this one was completely reworked it shoots fine as far as a single action goes the rem golden bullet in the .22 short seems to work well as well as the cci cb's and yes she has a much nicer jennings .22 auto in the long rifle that she likes but that pistol kinna has some good history to it and at one time belonged to a famed texas ranger in which saved his life after being disarmed of his service weapon so well keep it with its tiny frame and plastic pearl handles but i so wanted to learn all i could where i could get parts ect for the next time somthing broke in it LOL>. guys thank you so much for your time and effort man that was quick... im proud to be a member here and hope i can help anyone else since i mess with so many shotguns as well.. thanks agian... Mars in cassoce, arkansas.

James K
September 30, 2008, 08:17 PM
If you can get any documentation, like a notarized statement from the ranger, on that story, it might make the gun into a neat collectible.

Otherwise, I am afraid the others are right and I would not trust either it or the Jennings for any serious purposes. If you or wife want to carry a gun or depend on one for home defense, please consider something more powerful and more reliable.


October 1, 2008, 01:31 AM
I also have a new Rem 870 pump shotgun and love to shoot skeet in my back area and of recent i got a case of Western Winchester #8's with the short brass [well not brass but the aluminum] and when i fire them i cannot eject them at all without great effort and i don't want to force them out as fear of breaking the ejector at first i thought well i just got a bad case as all of them did that but then i went to a popular sports store called Macks prairie wings in Stuttgart and got some more but this time the ammo called Win on the [aluminum] short case and check to see if the lot numbers where even near the same and weren't so during a session at the pit found out right away my 870 did not like that ammo either all sticking miserable and woulen't eject. perplexed i went over to a pals home who had some short [aluminum] Rem 71/2 and sure enough in a test it stuck on that round as well. now when i shoot any long brass 4's 5,s, 4 buck, 00 buck or even slugs with long brass this does not happen. ive then upon some advice changed oils to the Rem syn lube in the can, still same results. However this is why im so preplexed, I then went back to walmart and bought a box of WIN AA #8 in the short [brass this time] and that round does not stick at all. Now i have many shotguns including 3 other 12's of other brands, and none of them have any trouble with that [alum] ammo. I called my guy at fort hood and he said that well the Rem shotgun is new and may just need broke in but i have serious second thoughts on that as i know that the different metals involved expand at different rates and some casings are stronger than other and prehaps its some expansion issue. I really love this shotgun and im not going to get rid of it so what guys do i do in this weird one? Even more when doing a lot of skeet requires by its nature to fire whatever is cheapest LOL>.

also to the previous answer i have many weapons and the Jennings my wife carries has the stamp "limited edition" and the weapon is done in high chrome and is most likely a limited run of the better ones first made. Its serial number is in the low double digits i got it at a gun show in Houston in 1986 and she likes it so... i was in the military (US Army) for 16 years (with a trip to sand land) as a MP and have fired nearly everything the army has so im not a total firearms nubie so for home castle doctrine issues i have by the nightstand a Glock in 40 cal. [with rino hp's] Is that powerful enough LOL..

We support John for president as my second amendment rights are very important to us. i DONT believe that obama cares a lick for gun rights and has said so on many occasions. Growing up in the rice and duck capital of the world, hunting for my family isen't seen in the SPORT since but rather in the right to take game for food and control population when that becomes a issue. I would not go and kill any creature for sport. Sorry if ive rambled any but just wanted others to gather a prospective on my being here and wanted to thank everyone regardless of comment for there post to help me and the time they have taken. Mars in Cassoce, Ar.:)