View Full Version : Time to do the shotty!

September 26, 2008, 09:09 PM
I'm going to be SBS'ing my Benelli Super Nova Tactical out fitted with a Comfortech stock and rifle sights. I tried to get my LEO's signature today but he was out. I'll have to get it next week. I'm going to be doing a 14 inch rifle sighted barrel and will be sending the receiver out to Orion Arms for engraving. The waiting is the hard part and I'll get the engraving done before the tax stamp comes in. I even have the barrel details worked out but that'll have to wait until the stamp comes in. I can't wait till gets it done and then wring it out in a shotgun class. I just took a three day shotgun class at www.tacproshootingcenter.com and had a blast. I fired over 540 rounds that weekend and It'll be more fun with an SBS:D.