View Full Version : Winchester .30 caliber carbine serial number location and info

September 16, 2008, 04:27 PM
Hello everyone.
I'm looking at a winchester, M2, .30 caliber carbine with a seven digit number stamped on the upper, rearmost of the receiver, 72XXXXX
The letters ' Winchester ' are also stamped above it.

Is this the usual location for the serial number for the winchester brand of U.S. .30 caliber carbine?

Also, on the base of the 'bolt carrier', which is rectangular in shape and located in the forward part of the stock (forend), is stamped another seven digit serial number 13XXXXX
Is that a part number or did they also stamp the serial number there?

September 16, 2008, 05:53 PM
The normal location for the serial number and manufacturer legend is as you describe.

The operating slide may have the engineering drawing number, which would be one of the following, depending on where the specific operating slide was in the evolution of the slide:

C57151, or
5557151, or
D7160091, or
7161843, which is the drawing number for the M2 operating slide. The "D" in US military drawing numbers indicates a "D"-size drawing, roughly 34" x 22". The drawing number format changed during WWII, as can be seen in the drawing numbers for the operating slide. The number you cite will not be an engineering drawing number. It was not unusual for European governments to serialize major components to the weapon's serial number. The Danes serialized bolts and stocks, for example.

Note that a Carbine marked "M2" in the USA has been designated a "machine gun" by the BATFE, even if the Carbine does not have any of the select fire parts. Without the select-fire parts, the M2 does not (and certainly need not) differ in any respect from the M1 Carbine, and in fact installing the M2 select-fire part in an M1 is simple and easy. Of course, installing those parts creates a machine gun, so of those parts the disconnector is invariably serialized and registered according to the National Firearms Act of 1934. Of course, after 1986 the registry was "closed," so no new civilian select-fire or full-auto weapons could be added to the civilian "supply."

I do not know your geographic location, but for those in the USA, the M2 Carbine is a machine gun and, if not already registered, illegal contraband. A friend some years ago was about to purchase an M2-marked Carbine at a gun show, but at the last minute decided to give me a call. When he learned that he was contemplating the purchase of an illegal weapon, we declined the opportunity ;) .