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September 14, 2008, 12:27 AM
I have been looking for a good quality rifle case/s that do not weigh a ton and do not break the bank. I have a couple of high quality rifle cases, 4 gun case and a 2 gun case, that are great for air travel but they are so darn heavy I do not like to use them when I am just going to my father-in-laws or to my deer lease. But I simply have not found any decent quality hard cases that did not cost an arm and a leg that were relatively light weight.

So today while sitting around waiting for tropical storm Ike to pass I thought about the cheap hard cases I own and got to thinking....hum....the real problem I had with them is that the foam simply was worthless therefore the cases were worthless. For what I need them for if they had quality foam they would work well....hum....

So I told my wife I was going to go to Home Depot to check out what it would cost for carpet matting...well she had a better idea. She said why don't you go to Target and see if they have any of the egg crate foam used for beds....hum....that was a great idea....So I go to Target and while I do not find the egg crate foam I did find some FANTASTIC bedding foam on clearence. I bought it brought it home and cut it to fit my 6 inexpensive hard cases and replaced the foam in each of them with the new foam. WOW! What a difference!

I few years ago I found these inexpensive hard cases by Doskocil and paid all of $7 each for them and the foam was good enough to get me through one hunting season but I have not used them since but after replacing the foam they all are up to the task of carrying my rifles in the back of my truck and not worrying about the guns being bounced around now! So now I have 6 cases that including my initial investment I have about $17 tied up in each!

So if any of you have any cheap cases with the same problem you might go to Target and see if you can find some of the foam on clearence and replace the cheap foam that comes with so many of the gun cases today.

September 14, 2008, 10:36 AM
there is 1.
Pelican 1750 TV. Anything less and you risk the apes breaking it.
pelican test (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCjKdv6eEHo)