View Full Version : H. Pieper Cal. 12 S/S Shotgun

September 13, 2008, 06:24 PM
A friend of mine just purchased a Henri Pieper Belgian Side by Side Shotgun. I've done some research and believe that it is a "Cal 12" model. It has rabbit ear hammers and a cracked stock with a handmade leather butt pad.

I can't seem to find much information on it beyond some photos from a European antique shotgun website.

He was wondering what type of value this might have, and some history behind it. The patent date appears to read 23 April 1881...


September 14, 2008, 12:37 AM
Well, I'll get the ball rolling. Pieper, Henri and Nicolas, Liege Belgium. Anciens Etabissments Piper. Founded in 1859, his son reorganized the firm in 1898, and Henri left in 1905 to work on his pistol designs. The firm stayed in business at least until the the 1930's, perhaps longer. Better known for the Piper pistols, the firm also manufactured a wide variety of different types of shotguns and rifles. Your shot gun is a cut above " JAOBS, Just another old Belgium shotgun " because it is from a known established firm . I know of no way to establish a firm manufacture date, but I would guess from the 1880's to 1911. Value, don't know, Belgium shotguns do not have the same following that other countries do, If in excellent condition ( and I'm assuming a field grade ), perhaps 3 to 4 hundred, however your shotgun must be considered in poor condition because of the cracked stock and missing butt plate, perhaps a hundred dollars. BTW, this shot gun would have damascus steel barrels and is unsafe to shoot with modern loads. Best I can do, I might be off on the values, any one else?