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Steve Koski
November 11, 1998, 02:40 PM
We rented US Marshalls the other day. Good flick, but lots of bogus gun play. I found the following:

Wires Crossed
1. Tommy Lee Jones carried a Glock 9mm, not the Glock 40 he discusses at the end of the movie. Near the beginning of the movie there are several close ups where he points his muzzle towards the camera and it's clearly a 9mm barrel, not a 40. The Glock 9mm is probably easier to rent, and they figured no one would notice.

2. The "nickel plated sissy gun" is not nickel plated. It is made of stainless steel and has a matte finish. Try as I might I couldn't tell what the make of this gun was. Do any of you know what it was?

3. The revolver that Wesley Snipes gets from the trucker is a Ruger SP-101. It is a 5 shot revolver, not 6 as they claim. Also, the vast majority of these are made in .357 mag caliber, but some are in 38 special, but the police claim it's a 38. Possible, but not likely. Maybe he's carrying 38 loads in a 357.

4. Wesley Snipes shoots Tommy Lee Jones once in the vest in the swamp, but they recover two slugs from his vest. Tommy even holds both slugs in his hand later. Maybe it was a double charge. (ha ha ha)

5. In the old folks home the bad guy draws his Glock, doesn't chamber a round, and continues walking down the hall. There is a close up of his hand and the gun. There is no round in the chamber because his finger is way too far to the rear to allow the trigger to be in the forward (ready to fire) position. Yet we're supposed to believe that the gun is ready to fire.

6. The bad guy shoots the deputy once in the chest in the old folks home, but later they discuss how he was shot twice in the chest. Another double charge I guess.

7. At the end of the movie Tommy Lee Jones is discussing Glock 40's and mentions that they fire under water. A Glock 9mm with marine spring cups can fire FMJ under water, but a Glock in any other caliber can not. I've read that they will most likely be destroyed.

8. In this same scene Tommy Lee Jones takes the bad guys Glock 40, swaps magazines with it, and gives it back to him. He does NOT clear the chamber. The bad guy doesn't chamber a round before attempting to shoot Tommy Lee Jones (because he carries with a round in the chamber, as seen earlier). But, when he tries to shoot Tommy Lee Jones the gun goes click. Even Jennifer caught this one. Also, the click is not a Glock click, but a neater sounding click.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
1. I don't know why they consistently show the US Deputy Marshalls carrying their guns on an empty chamber. Maybe it just gives them another opportunity to manipulate the gun for the camera. I seriously doubt they carry condition 3 in real life.

2. In the building at the cemetery the deputy (who later gets killed) is clearing a room and totally leads with his muzzle as he passes through a curtain. On top of that, he is carrying his gun pointed at the ceiling. Really bad tactics.

3. Throughout most of the movie they carry their guns muzzle high, which bad tactics (except in certain specific cases). I've been told that the reason for this is that it puts the gun closer to the actors face and looks better on camera.

4. Tommy Lee Jones almost always holds his pistol in one hand and lets his other hand wag in the breeze. This is totally stupid. When Wesley Snipes is climbing over the wall, Tommy Lee Jones stops running and aims at him. He holds the gun in one hand and rests it across the wrist/forearm of his other hand. Brilliant.

5. They clear rooms so fast in the movie they would almost certainly be shot and killed by an armed adversary in the room.

6. At one point Tommy Lee Jones is sprinting across the cemetery waving his gun wildly with his finger on the trigger. Nice.

7. Everyone walks around with their fingers on the trigger even though they have no target. Even the cover for the video shows Tommy Lee Jones with his finger on the trigger and no target.

What are some other good movies with major bogus gun play?

November 11, 1998, 09:47 PM
The movie Silent Trigger had Dolf Lundwhatever running around in the top of a building with a 50BMG rifle that was a single shot bolt action shooting people with full auto sub guns. He lived, and saved the girl. And proceaded to soak her by shooting the cap off a fire hydrent. This was only a wee few of the mistakes in this movie.


Mouse Assassins inc.

November 11, 1998, 10:03 PM
Even worse was Dolph's symbolic dropping of his .50 from the top of the building. There had just been an assassination (the BG's used .50 as well), and he's leaving pieces with his prints all over the scene...

Ed Brunner
November 12, 1998, 02:58 AM
Basic truth-The average person doesnt know a lot.
Relax and enjoy the movie.

Better days to be,


November 12, 1998, 01:40 PM
Oh Venerable Shaded One,
Of course he soaked her down. Obviously her cold wet shirt was intrinsic to the plot and character development. Then again, maybe it was a ploy to keep weapons-knowledgable people mentally occupied while continuing their ludicrous and dubious tactical direction. I suspect the latter.

Steve Koski
November 12, 1998, 02:04 PM

This is HOW I enjoy the movie. -Koski

November 12, 1998, 04:20 PM
Personaly I think he missed. He ment to hit her. But played it off ;)
He's still pissed cause she called on the radio all them years before...and Spectre made a good point...even with a fall from 30 storys (or whatever) there will be prints!
All in all I think the movie Silent Trigger WAS a gun mistake!

hey...what about the shot earlier for like 400 yards with a pistol? Shoots the guy in the back while he is running.


Mouse Assassins inc.

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November 12, 1998, 06:43 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the movie

"Saving Private Ryan", was the practice of

absolutely keeping your finger off the
trigger until you're ready to shoot, taught

back in WW II???????

November 24, 1998, 04:12 PM
Yes, Dave the military did teach that basic principle of firearm safety even in WW2. In fact they taught it much earlier than that.

4V50 Gary
November 24, 1998, 05:57 PM
Speaking of Saving Private Ryan, I especially like the M1903A4 Sniper rifle which originally had an M81 or M82 scope. It was rather neat the way the scope evolved into a Unertl 8x. Shades of USMC WWII sniping rifle. Later, when he had to adjust for elevation, he was twisting at the objective lens instead of fiddling around with the scope mount.

Despite these minor points (and some other technical no-no's), still an enjoyable flick.

November 25, 1998, 03:35 PM
Dispite the small technical errors in PVT Ryan, I am of the opinion that it is the BEST WWII film ever made. The first 20 minutes made me duck and cover... Just before the film rolled, my buddy who had already seen it wispered "Did you bring your Vest?" A few seconds later, I wish I had.
I swear to the almighty I could smell the burnt gun powder. No other film showed combat so realisticly... I even started to get a PTSD twitch back from years ago! Even the differnt MGs SOUNDED different. And some of the bullet impacts looked so real, I am wondering if some of those shots were not really blanks...

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