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September 10, 2008, 08:52 PM
I use a solar powered lawn boarder/path light for a tent light. The 1st one I used I had a small switch installed by an electrician and it worked great. I gave it to a good friend as I could have another made. Well I need it tomorrow and its not going to get done, So I did the switch thing with a small plastic tab on a string.
The light is turned on in the morning, and solar power charges it and its on when we get back into camp. When its lights out just stick the tab into the battery compartment and just a pull of the string and the light is on at 0500hrs.:)
Here are some pics.
1st is the path light, 2nd is the light off, and 3rd is light on. The battery is almost dead in the pic, but will be charged on the truck dash tomorrow.