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September 6, 2008, 03:44 PM
I own a cva buckhorn mag.I bought for cheap about four years ago.I put a 2x4.5 bushnell banner scope on it.It's pretty good for the money.I was looking at the cva optima at cabelas bargen cabin.I fell in love with heavy weight and the thumb hole.The gun simple doesn't move when you are on aim.I'll put the scope on that baby!Just wanted feedback on the accracey.My dad wants a knight,but I can't see paying 700 to 1000 dallors for a BP.I'll bet this gun shoots just as well.My buckhorn mag shoots 3-5 inch groups at 100yds.Tighter than pie plates.Good enough for whitail deer.That gun was a $120 bucks.

September 8, 2008, 01:08 PM
If the reviews are any indication, it will be a fine rifle. What usually matters the most is how a gun shoulders, fits & feels to the shooter. As long as it's a decent gun, then almost everything else is "secondary".
Let us know how it shoots for you. :)

There are now 33 user reviews for the Optima and Optima Pro at the bottom of this Bass Pro Optima product page that I originally posted back in 12/07:



There's also 10 reviews linked on this Cabela's product page for the Optima Pro:


And one more review is listed here:





September 11, 2008, 07:46 PM
I have an optima and wouldnt trade it for a knight. put it up after cleaning last season and got it out last week. still shoots where i set the scope. the pro sounds like it might be better if you want to interchange calibers though.

September 11, 2008, 08:06 PM
I had an optima and it's current owner is very glad I sold it to him! The only reason I sold it was to purchase an T/C Encore so I could consolidate many guns into one.....then they came out with the Optima Elite right after I got my Encore!!!!!!! I wish I would have waited just a little bit longer! The barrels for the Optima Elite are much cheaper and fairly good quality (Bergara) I experienced very good results with Hornady XTP 240 sabots and 100 grns of 777 powder or pellets. I never saw a reason to load 150 grns? I'd say you should be able to get under 3" groups without a problem! When sighting it in one day in December, I broke the front sight in the frigid cold. I wasn't sure how it happened, whether I bumped it or if it was just the shock of the recoil in the bitter cold. I emailed CVA about a replacement and I explained that I wasn't sure how it broke. I said that I could have bumped it, but just wasn't sure? and they sent one for free! That impressed me also.