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September 5, 2008, 06:30 PM
Two suppressors to buy.
1. .223
Both in 1/2 X 28TPI
I have been browsing around a lot and have noticed huge differences in prices and very little information as to what those differences stem from. As always I love stainless.

September 5, 2008, 07:28 PM
Well, I have my suppressors, but I will give you some basic info.

22 cans:

Always get one that can be taken apart for cleaning. 22 rimfire is dirty and no solvent, that I am aware of, reliably removes the lead buildup from the internal parts.

223 cans:

2 major types, Fast attach and screw on.

Fast attach cans use some form of mounting system that is attached to the barrel that allows the user to quickly attach and detach the can. There tends to be some blow back from most mounting systems not sealing the back end 100% They also tend to be more expencive and complex.

Screw on cans thread on using the standard 1/2x28 thread. They are slow to put on and take off, you need to make sure the can doesn't shoot loose, but they are simple and the back of the can is completely sealed. Screw on cans can typically be mounted on a wider variety of guns that fast attach, since all you need is a threaded barrel VS attaching the mounting system to the barrel. Screw on cans are generally more simple as well.

If you want something that is built like a tank for 22 rimfire, the TacInc "QUEST" would probably fir the bill. 100% stainless steel. Easily taken apart for cleaning. Only downside is that it isn't the lightest, quietest, or most advanced can out there, but it is only off by a few db and a few oz heavier.

September 5, 2008, 09:43 PM
I'll second anything made by TacInc. I have 2 TAC-16s and a Tac67. The Tac67 IS built like a tank. I like it alot. Though I'm hesitant to get anymore thread on .223 cans like the Tac-16. Had a baffle strike on an AC556 because of a combination of a crappy early Ruger barrel and it backing off. The Tac-16 is also built like a tank. It comes apart for lead removal and has a large volume so I use it on a short barrel upper for the M-16. Yes, cant go wrong with stainless. Rather have the extra weight and heft if the registry gets closed. Either way suppressors are hella FUN