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September 2, 2008, 04:41 PM
Hello fellow members,
I figured i'd post this question on a WWII smith&wesson victory revolver in hopes of getting a response.
I recently purchased a 4" .38 special victory model revolver complete with light stampings of "US property" and "GHD" on the top strap and a V serial # in the 705xxx range. I'm about ready to get it reparked because the finish was mostly worn off.
My question involves disassembly prior to sandblasting. The only part I am having problems with is the Locking lug underneath the barrel that accepts the tip of the extractor rod when the cylinder is closed. I have been able to drive out the locking bolt pin that holds the locking bolt and spring inside the lug. I have a new pin from Numrich ready to replace that pin and I have a new spring as well.... I can't shimmy the locking bolt and spring out though. The spring loaded tip of the locking bolt rotates 90 degrees inside the lug but I can't coax it and the spring out. I flushed it with a liberal amount of lubricant to free up any dirt or corrosion and like I said it is spring loaded so it isn't frozen rusted shut that I can tell and the pin did drive out.
Is there anyone who has completely disassembled a S&W victory or a M&P 10 revolver or even a 1917 revolver and knows how to remove the parts I have mentioned ???
I look forward to any advice, suggestions or feedback !!

September 2, 2008, 05:42 PM
See my reply to your same question posted on the revolver board.