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August 26, 2008, 12:06 PM
I've been meaning to post pics of this for ummmm, "some time". I bookmarked a thread "some time ago" that I was going to add it to but seeing as that thread is 3-1/2 years buried I'll leave it there. For reference:

When my Father In Law (a WWII Veteran) passed away, I couldn't bring myself to order one of those $50-$80 prefab Memorial Flag display boxes (though they are a respectable way to preserve and display a Memorial Flag). No, he wasn't the kind of guy that would buy a "store-bought" anything, if he could make it in his shop. I had some nice old oak in my shop, so I plained it down, ran it through the shaper a few times & made a really nice display box for his flag. It's double sided, with glass & fully shaped edges on both sides, for the rare occasion that it is displayed in such a manner as both sides are visible.

I had a few scraps left over so I made a loading stand for my Remmie. I thought that the perspective would be right to photograph them together, but wow, the pistol dwarfs the display case:

Thanx for looking :)

August 26, 2008, 10:22 PM
Very nice work.

August 27, 2008, 01:04 AM
I have a right-angle loading stand that works well with all my revs. But I built it outta scrap and it looks like it.

Yours is elegant.

August 27, 2008, 04:15 AM
It looks very nice & quite useful, I've just never used one.