View Full Version : Range report Pietta '58 NMA with 5-1/2" barrel

August 24, 2008, 06:46 PM
Well my friends this weekend has been very good to me.
Saturday I went to the Archery club to sling some arrows at some 3D targets & then help take em down, then I proceeded to go to the pistol range to really get to know my Sheriff’s Remy.
Today was back to the pistol range with a squeaky clean gun to make sure that what my conclusion from yesterday is a 100% accurate deal with my new best friend..

My friend this afternoon has verified some things, a sigh of a relief, & a very happy customer of a Conical bullet to finish this off.

The $80.00 spent & research prior to was well worth it because the Reamer that I had gotten from Manson Reamers did the trick in bringing the groups together & enabling me to see the greatest potential this little revolver can achieve.

After 120 rounds of .457 143gr. Balls & 90 rounds of .456 220gr. conical, over a pound of Goex FFFG & a little more than 2 tins of Remington #11's I have established that it likes a 30gr. load for each bullet, it definitely does not like a wad under the ball & that the Lee Liquid Alox that I lubed some of my conical gave me the best grouping & surprisingly not too bad in clean up between cylinders with it.

Chronograph was placed 10' in front of the muzzle to get these results.

Bullet = .457 143 grain Cast Round Ball.
Powder = Goex FFFg black powder.
Primer = Remington #11
5-1/2” Barrel Average Ballistics.
40gr. Volume = 916 fps. 266 ft. Lbs. 5.5” group @ 20 yards & Violent.
35gr. Volume = 838 fps. 222 ft. Lbs. OK punch with 4” grouping @ 20 yards.
30gr. Volume = 754 fps. 180 ft. Lbs. little recoil with 2.5” grouping @ 20 yards.
25gr. Volume = 667 fps. 141 ft. Lbs. almost not there but with having to use a wad my groups opened up to 3.2" @ 20 yards.

Bullet = .456 220 grain Cast Lee conical bullet.
Powder = Goex FFFg black powder.
Primer = Remington #11
5-1/2” Barrel Average Ballistics.
35gr. Volume = 745 fps. 270 ft. lbs. No room, Violent, & 5” grouping @ 20 yards.
30gr. Volume = 672 fps. 220 ft. lbs. Recoil OK, Decent group of 3” @ 20 yards.

I never tried a lighter charge with the conical.

Yesterday I did not take any pictures but today I did & this is from my last 2 cylinders with the .456 220gr. conical from 10 & then at 20 yards, I aimed dead on at 10 yards & shot #4 turned the box so ofcorse shot #5 I had to try & turn it back again :rolleyes: when I swapped cylinders & moved to 20 yards I aimed a little lower so to keep the 2 shots separate & they were shot using a 2 hand hold standing.

I pulled these out of my box today where they struck packed magazines.

August 26, 2008, 09:33 AM
Looking good. Are you having any leading problems now that the ball is a lot tighter in the bore?

August 26, 2008, 10:55 AM
Not really but I allways use a brass bristled bore brush when I'm cleaning any of my firearms "kind of a habbit from years ago using a little Axle Grease in a few of my early shooting experiences with them & I've kept with the same cleaning regimine ever since."

Now I'm seriously conciddering one of the .45 Colt cartridge conversion cylinders for this fine little hand cannon to have 2 different options when I take it out, although I'd have to get a die set for .45 Colt since I don't have one.

August 26, 2008, 01:36 PM
I have an R&D cylinder. Reload both BP and smokeless with a Lee carbide 4 die set. It was real hard to justify spending more on the cylinder than the gun cost, but I guess it has been worth it. I shoot it all the time.