View Full Version : New Coleman branded flashlights........

August 20, 2008, 09:28 PM
I've confessed before my affections for things that light up. I know there are many members here much more hardcore in their addiction than me though. I don't even go near candlepowerforums just because I want to stay married and I spend enough money on guns and gear as it is :p.

So, to that end I'm always looking for deals on stuff and inexpensive stuff that just works.

Last couple weeks I've been looking at the new Coleman branded flashlights being sold in Walmart.

They've got several models that have CREE LED's standard. I've bought two so far and have been impressed. One is IIRC a 115 lumen version that also has lower lumen red and blue lights for night use and tracking respectively. The other I just got yesterday is a 75 lumen version that has a strike bezel similar to the Surefire D models (I have two of those). I believe I paid 25.00 for the first and 18.00 for the one I bought yesterday. Good lights for the money so far.