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Hard Ball
December 22, 1999, 02:01 PM
I would like to see a Handgun Tactics and Training forum tp duscuss using handguns and traing/praticimg to use them. The present Handguns and Pisrolcraft forum seems to comcentrate on selecting pistols and tends to neglect using them.

4V50 Gary
December 22, 1999, 02:25 PM
If you go into the archives, you'll find a lot of great old threads on tactics and pistolcraft.

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George Hill
December 23, 1999, 09:08 AM
If you have specific questions you can ask them in the Range Reports Forum, the Handguns Forum, the CQB Forum... depending upon the questions. Or you could email persons if you dont wish to air the laundry.

The Archives is a fantastic resource. A fountain of info if you use it.
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February 19, 2000, 04:33 PM
I'm resurrecting this...

Lately there have been quite a few training inquiries. I think that the management should reconsider the training forum idea. While I am certainly no expert, I would be willing to donate some moderation time.

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