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December 22, 1999, 01:16 PM

From time to time I attempt to use tables to concisely and clearly articulate information in TFL postings. For example, a few days ago I created (in Microsoft Word for Windows) a table of five types of 9mm and .40 S&W FMJ ammunition by weight (grains), muzzle velocity, muzzle energy, etc.

Unfortunately when I attempted to drop my text into the TFL's "message box" by cutting and pasting, the table became compressed, lost its format and, therefore, its effectiveness.

I suspect reprogramming to process exact "cuts and pastes" is too major a change to easily accept. However if I am wrong, it would be a great help to be able to "cut and paste" precise "character-by-character" text from major word processing programs (such as Microsoft Word for Windows) to TFL's "message box".

Thanks for looking into this and -- much more important -- for all you do. Merry Christmas.

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Mal H
December 22, 1999, 02:35 PM
RWK - you might try the UBB code word CODE (in brackets). That is supposed to preserve formatted text. End your text block with /code (in brackets). I'm going to try it here with a small tabular list. If it works, each of 3 words per line will be more than 1 space apart:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">code:</font><HR><pre>
1. One two three
2. Four five six
3. Seven eight nine

It worked, but as you can see, it adds the word "code" and uses a smaller font. But it will do what you want.

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December 22, 1999, 09:56 PM
Thanks, I never knew about this and will certainly try it.

December 23, 1999, 12:00 AM
Never ever take HTML generated by any MS product and try to drop it into a UBB site. It's a sure-fire disaster waiting to happen.

If you drop a table into the text box, be sure to get rid of all hard returns and excess spaces between all of the &lt; and &gt; tags, or you will wind up with a gawdawful mess....


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December 23, 1999, 12:16 PM

Sorry to be so dense here, but do you mean we should avoid what Mal suggested?

I'm using MS Works (cheap, came with computer).

- Would tabs from Works work on TFL?
- Would tabs screw up TFL?

Aha! Bottom line! (Finally!!)

How can we safely format columns on TFL?

December 23, 1999, 11:25 PM
Tabs have no effect on the UBB. Linebreaks and hard returns do adversely affect the formatting.

Off to the left of the text box where you type your reply you will see a little legend that will say whether or not HTML is turned on. If HTML is turned on, you can use HTML tables to format your stuff.

If it's off, you can't.

If you don't 100% absolutely positively for sure know what you are doing with HTML, DO NOT USE TABLES to format things. You can easily screwup the whole thread if you do.


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Rich Lucibella
December 24, 1999, 06:26 PM
Thanks all for the input.

Mal's use of UBB "Code" command should be safe.