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October 27, 1999, 05:10 PM

I can't wait any longer. What is an ICQ number?

Rich Lucibella
October 27, 1999, 08:58 PM
ICQ, as in "I Seek You", is a freeware chat program for Windows. Personally, I found it annoying and intrusive and disabled it long ago.

October 27, 1999, 09:01 PM
www.icq.com (http://www.icq.com)

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>ICQ (“I Seek You”) is a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet program that notifies you who’s online at all times and enables you to initiate contact with those people at any time. No longer will you search in vain for friends or associates on the Internet. ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you in real time when they sign on.

With ICQ, you can chat, send messages and files, play games or just hang out with your fellow surfers while still surfing the Internet. The program runs in the background, taking up a minimum of memory and Internet resources. While you work on other applications, ICQ alerts you when friends and associates sign on, allowing you to work efficiently while having a whole range of Internet functions at your fingertips. Among the functions available are: chat, message, e-mail, URL and file transfer. ICQ also supports a variety of popular external Internet applications. With ICQ, launching an Internet Telephony or video call is a breeze. With a click of a button, you and your friend (or friends) are instantly connected. You can also execute these events among multiple users, so you can conduct a conference or just hang out together online.[/quote]

All these functions are organized in one easy-to-use program that integrates smoothly into your desktop.

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October 30, 1999, 05:14 AM
testing the link

CCW for Ohio action site.

October 30, 1999, 06:52 AM
Rich, I did like you did. I tried, I disliked, I removed. Others may enjoy it, but it wasn't for me!!!YMMV

www.southernparty.org (http://www.southernparty.org)

George Hill
October 30, 1999, 07:16 AM
If your using Netscape - AOL's AIM Instant messanger works better.
For example - i'll post it once, my AIM Name is "Vibrant Darkness". If you log into AIM and send me a message - it will pop up on my screen - if I have my AIM logged in.
This isnt an invitation - just a working example... Use as NEEDED.

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