View Full Version : Is TFL bulletproof for Y2K

August 9, 1999, 10:40 PM
The reason I ask is a worrysome thing I saw when I clicked on "Latest news from TFL Central" posted by our dear friend Rich. After his name appears the following: (August 8, 1999 through January 01, 1900)


Is this a glitch in the program like the search function or a typo? Just wondering, please let us know.

BTW, I like the changes you've made to the site. Looks good. :)

Rich Lucibella
August 9, 1999, 11:51 PM
Is it BulletProof? Nope. Will it be by year end? Hopefully.

Ina any case, if we can't handle TFL, we'll have much bigger fish to fry by then. ;)

August 14, 1999, 01:02 PM
The author has checked out the Y2K (Y2J hehe) so it should work.