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walkin' man
July 30, 1999, 11:23 PM
TFL will always be my favorite gun spot on the net, but AR15 is a close second, even though I have never posted there. One of the main atractions on AR15 is the manufactures area, where all (some) of the AR15 manufacturers moderate thier own sections. Bushmasters' factory rep is very active, and that is a GREAT service that AR15 (and BM)provides. It seems we now have at least two, not both manufacturers but business types that have joined TFL recently; Triton ammo and Geared Up!. Having something exactly like AR15 would not work here, but it is a very good idea that should be explored, IMO.

Rich Lucibella
July 31, 1999, 01:00 AM
Walkin' Man
We've considered this. However, it turns out to be a real pain to organize and oversee. Additionally, it takes away from our image as a "no strings attached" site.

We welcome the people from Geared Up and Triton as Members, but we're leary of setting up a manufcturer's/retailers section. Recognizing our own myopia, we encourge comments on the subject.

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July 31, 1999, 02:13 AM
Opening up a manufacturers section is a double edged sword. We're getting cut with both edges on BladeForums.com. We can't realistically provide the same level of service if we don't have some manufacturer representation, but at the same time, where do we draw the line in who get's their own forum? If we have too many, then people leave because the site is too big.

I think Rich has a good approach here, and is handling it the correct way. Personally, I can see a few minor changes that I would make to the site overall, but it's doing well. He's got the right balance so far.

Rich, when you have a chance, please contact me regarding this site and some ideas.


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