View Full Version : Single-shot forum?

July 13, 1999, 02:50 AM
Have you considered having a single-shot forum? I've been getting interested in single-shots lately. There are all sorts of areas that differentiate single-shots:

<LI>single-shot handguns can have very long barrels without being too heavy
<LI>single-shot carbines/rifles can have any kind of stock - collapsible, thumb-hole, pistol-grip - even under the latest California restrictions
<LI>Thompson/Center Contenders and Encores can be converted from pistol to rifle, but there are legal issues that the owner should understand before-hand
<LI>single-shots are the absolute easiest for wild-cat cartridge development

Rich Lucibella
July 13, 1999, 09:18 AM
I see nothing here that wouldn't be welcome in the various Forums that already exist.

Jeff Thomas
July 17, 1999, 12:31 AM
Aw c'mon, Ewok. Tell us the truth. You CA guys are interested in single-shot because you've been watching events in Sacramento, right? Heck - hi cap mag's? You're just trying to hold on to single-shot's now, right? ;)

(sorry, but I just couldn't resist ...) ;)

July 17, 1999, 01:03 AM

We may have to use single shots, but I can hold 15 rounds in my mouth and spit them into the breach of a cracked action at a 60 rpm cyclic rate ;)

July 17, 1999, 01:17 AM
It is amusing to consider the sorts of evil single-shot rifles one might come up with. Of course, we're still constrained to having a minimum barrel length of 16in. for a firearm with a sholder stock, but other than that, we can have pretty much any sort of stock we want. I haven't, yet, tried to rapid fire my single-shot. But I'm confident that someone sufficiently skilled in the art could maintain a reasonable defensive position ;)