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Jim V
July 11, 1999, 04:12 PM
Has anyone else noticed that if you start at the bottom of the page, the very last item in the ad section and work up you don't lose the "Cross Hairs" until you get to the 'handgun' section. If you start at the top, the crosshairs turn into bullet holes as soon as you get back to the mainpage. I have reset my cookies, because I thought it may have been the old cookie problems we had before, but that has not changed anything.

Is my computer haunted? Do gremlins reside at TFL? or what?

Ne Conjuge Nobiscum
"If there be treachery, let there be jehad!"

Rich Lucibella
July 11, 1999, 07:53 PM
I've not been informed of others with similar problems, Jim.

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