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July 3, 1999, 02:40 AM
I tried a search for posts by member "Dakota Law Dog", with spaces between each word. I got a list of posts made by everyone with "Dakota", "Law", or "Dog" in their name. How can I search for specific phrases, and more than one specific phrase, in one search?

Also, is it possible to search the Member Profiles? I'm looking for people I used to know who might be on the board.

Any other specifics of the "search" function would really increase the value of TFL as a research tool.


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July 3, 1999, 04:16 AM
Gunslinger emailed me about Dakota Law Dog, and my email reply to him was returned twice, hence this post:

I don't know DLD. I came across his name while searching for something, and since I hadn't seen any posts from him in awhile, I did a search for his name out of curiosity.

The "Family Members on TFL" thread led me to wonder if any long, lost friends were on TFL, and if I could search the profiles for their email addresses. Never mind. I people-searched for them on AltaVista, and they either don't exist, or don't have email. Ergo, moot point.

Anyway, thanks for the note Gunslinger! It was damn thoughtful of you!


PS- Just a note in advance to say that I know you Admin folks, especially Rich, are indisposed this weekend. I know I'm not being slighted.

I think. :)

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July 8, 1999, 03:37 AM
What have you got to hide in there, Lucibella?

Rich Lucibella
July 8, 1999, 10:32 AM
Sorry, I missed this thread. The new release of the software boasts a better search function. I should be uploading it this week.

As for a search of the Member files, it would be neat and I'll pass it along to the developers.