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June 19, 1999, 11:42 PM
There seems to be quite a few of those. Not that I think the moderators are slacking off or anything, but perhaps the realization that many people virtually "live here". To some like myself, it's like a well lived-in home away from home while still at home. What did I just say?! Anyways, undoubtedly, people are going to kick up their feet and talk about whatever tickles their fancy. And often times, this may not be on topic. So, my suggestion is that maybe there should be a separate forum for these off-topic threads where people can chit-chat when it has nothing to do with anything else, even the general subs. Maybe you can call it "Forum livin'" or something.

Mal H
June 20, 1999, 12:26 AM
SB - I'll save Rich from having to answer this one more time. The subject of non-gun related topics has been covered thoroughly in the General topic "Closure or [of] topics". Skip down to Rich's post of 6/19 at 0700. That one says it all.

Rich Lucibella
June 20, 1999, 07:47 AM
Thanks Mal. I'll close this thread so we don't have the conversation going in two places.
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