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June 13, 1999, 09:30 AM
You know the deal: preferences are lost, last time I visited is forgotten, etc...

I have some version of Netscape, don't know which. Where on this damn machine can I go to have it tell me, "You are currently using Netscape version x.x"?

I did a search for 'cookies' and 'netscape', but didn't find specific enough answers.

How do find my Netscape Directory, or whatever it is? Is this where I can find a list of my cookies for editing?

From the search, I did this:
-Advanced (the word, not the "+" sign.)

That lets me accept cookies, accept only those that communicate to the originator, diable cookies, and be warned of them. Nothing about editing, "text files", etc...

I reset my bookmark to the main forums page after the recent move, if that matters.

The thing is, occasionally the preferences and last visit functions work, but they just decide on their own when to do it, even when I haven't done anything to 'fix' the problem.

I know this has been covered to death, but I just can't figure it out from what I found in the search.


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June 13, 1999, 09:45 AM
I just went to the preferences page and noticed the 'click here to delete all cookies set by this forum' link. I did that, reset my preferences, and went back to the main forums page.

It seemed to work, but when I came to this 'reply to topic' page, I still had to type in my username and password.



June 13, 1999, 10:35 AM
OK. Went offline for a while and came back. Preferences, etc, are lost again. So am I.


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Rich Lucibella
June 13, 1999, 11:36 AM
Try to delete your cookies thru the preferences tab again and tell the system to remember your password. You will have to enter your name and password again once for the cookie to be set.

If this doesn't work, go to your Netscape directory using Explorer an edit the file "cookies.txt". Delete all references to TFL and "". If this doesn't work, shoot the computer.

Mal H
June 13, 1999, 12:08 PM
boing - For your question on which version of Netscape (or any application) you have, you can almost universally find this info under the Help menu in the "About" item, e.g., "About Netscape".

June 13, 1999, 02:41 PM
This is a test.

June 13, 1999, 02:56 PM

Thanks, Rich. The purpose of the above test was to enter my username and password again. I did it by accessing my profile first, but no dice. After the test post I thought to shut down my browser and come back, and voila!

What's the "Explorer" you mentioned for finding the cookie file? When I saw "cookie.txt" I thought to use the Find function under the Windows START menu. Is that what you meant?

Mal H: Thank you. I'm a proud user of Netscape 4.04. Wheee!


Rich Lucibella
June 13, 1999, 05:12 PM
Yes, that's what I meant.