View Full Version : "Last Visited" Date/Time not updating

Daniel Watters
June 8, 1999, 10:07 AM
I am coming in through the start screen, but the 'last visited' time on the forum index seems stuck on yesterday afternoon. I know it is petty, but I like to know which threads have been updated since I last surfed through.

Rich Lucibella
June 8, 1999, 10:10 AM
Thanks, Dan. I'll try to fix it and hit Spark up for input.

Jim V
June 10, 1999, 05:54 PM
Well, Rich, where are you on the fix? It is 10 June and my "last visited" message says 7 June. I check in a couple times a day.

Ne Conjuge Nobiscum

Rich, fogit the posting --the remove cookies thaing did it.

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Rich Lucibella
June 10, 1999, 10:46 PM
Glad to see Spark cleared it up, Jim.