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cornered rat
May 14, 1999, 09:07 AM
Since you, guys and gals, are amng my enablers, I thought I'd pose this queston to you ;-(

I received advice that amounted to removing all firearms from my home to my parents, cutting out TFL/Ar15/Glocktalk forums and Usenet, basically getting out of technical and political areans. Cold turkey.

Seems my interest in firearms looks like an additction to concerned friend(s?) -- can't get enough, get depressed at set-backs, paranoid about this and that(as evidenced by my Waste a Vote post), takes time from the rest of my life.

To an extent, that is true. However, the advice came after I stopped letting the political set-backs affect my mood. It also came after a two-week break from range trips. Starting threads on TFL was one of the triggers.

Anyway, fellow junkies, do you think you and I need psychiatric counceling? If we do, will that mean, a few days or years later, loss of legal firearms ownership? (Or is it too late to worry about legalities?)

One of the comparisons made was between a glass-a-day drinker (i.e. carries a .38 with a permit, which I will never get here) and a total dipso (like me).

Cornered Rat
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May 14, 1999, 12:03 PM
Rat, it seems to me that you need new friends. seems that the friends that you have are not interested in the same things you are. seems they don't care if the government takes away freedoms, ony by one, day by day. but, what the hell do i know, i'm just a crazy paraniod freak! if you don't believe me just ask my shrink! ;)

fiat justitia

May 14, 1999, 06:40 PM
C'mon Rat!!

Why is this topic in tech help? You know better.

Move it to Gen'l or Political...your choice