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May 8, 1999, 10:55 PM
Ive been to aol three different times and deleted all kinds of things that are supposed to help me access this site and its not working......this is the only site I have trouble with.......since I appear to be unable to open the threads...could you please respond using my email [email protected]

May 8, 1999, 11:04 PM
Send me an e-mail...detailed, as to what your problems are. Be precise...

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"

May 9, 1999, 01:14 AM
Um... DC, he'll never read this as it's a thread ! ;)

"The Gun from Down Under !"

May 9, 1999, 01:23 AM
I've been watching Fubsy's comments carefully as I've been having the same problem. I'm on AOL too. I've called them with no help. They just say the site is overloaded.
Tonight I couldn't get in again when I had an idea. I opened Internet Explorer and sure enough I got right into TFL. Even tried bounching back and forth between AOL and IE. I still couldn't get in on AOL, but IE let me right in.
I'm seriously looking at changing ISPs.

May 9, 1999, 10:07 AM
I believe grayfox is correct....the problem lies with aol.....this morning using aol I accquired the forums and threads like Im supposed to....I would bet that this isnt a hi traffic time for them.......
...grayfox...Ill try that explorer, it certainley cant hurt...tks fubsy.

May 9, 1999, 09:00 PM
This sounds like a version of the problems posted by BladeForums users trying to access from AOL. What about it Spark?

Jim in IN


May 12, 1999, 01:56 PM
This what Spark sent the members via e-mail on linking problems:AOL USERS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH ACCESS
Since we've switched servers, we've had several AOL users tell us that they
have been experiencing problems with the forums.

Typical symptoms include:
- Forums getting to "39% transfered" and stopping
- Slow download speeds
- Inability to get past the front page
- Threads taking a long time to open, or not opening at all

For further information, please refer to this thread:

Apparently there is a DNS problem somewhere out there that is affecting
AOL's ability to get to the new location of this site.

There are a few methods to try to work around this:
- Start AOL, then minimize it. Launch Netscape or IE externally from the
AOL Browser, and go to the forums.
- Uninstall and reinstall the AOL software.
- Use this URL to access the forums:
- Find a better ISP (Extreme, but better than staying on AOL) Why should
you pay $22 a month for a service which is lacking in so many
ways? Don't even get me started on AOL.....
Hope this helps out