View Full Version : Last date visited TFL

Mal H
April 17, 1999, 02:43 PM
I was wondering if it is possible to make the last date/time visited into variable fields. The fields would be filled in as they are currently, but could be modified by the member and then the boards are refreshed so we can quickly see which boards have new postings as of the modified date because they will be in the "scope" instead of being shot with the bullet hole icon.

The reason for this is that on occasion I have to quit (or I get kicked off by Ma Bell) before looking at all of the boards and when I come back I don't remember where I left off (my oldtimers disease is showing). You can, of course, check the date/time of each individual board if you know approximately when you quit the last time, but this is not as exact as it could be.

Rich Lucibella
April 17, 1999, 04:43 PM
Sorry Mal....not possible from this end. We license the software from the owners.

Mal H
April 17, 1999, 04:46 PM
Ah ha .. thanks Rich, no problem. It was just a nice-to-have not a need-to-have.