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April 1, 1999, 07:54 PM

I have been wondering for almost three months how TFL got started, its history and so on. I see that as of this afternoon there are 1133 members; its hard to know where you are going if you don't know where you've been.

Rich Lucibella
April 2, 1999, 12:34 AM
The idea for The Firing Line was given to me by God in a private meeting....only kidding. OK...you asked for the whole sordid story.

Seems that I had the misfortune of retiring at an early age and found much of my time dedicated to reflection of events occurring in the USA. Growing increasingly uneasy at what i saw, I determined to give a bit back and almost entered the civilian firearms training industry in a rather big way (a subject I am not at liberty to discuss at present).

Frustration led me to various RKBA related sites. Various RKBA sites led me to greater frustration over the pettiness, lack of intelligence and general lack of professionalism therein.

In late September, I decided to put together a group to do it better. A core group of helpers, advisers and other assorted rabble was dragged, sometimes kicking and screaming, into my plans. By mid-October we were up and running with some of the best Moderators on the Web. Thanks to guys like Erick at Glock Talk, Mike and Spark at BladeForums.com, the guys from the API list, the Tactics list, the 10MM list, AR15.com and others, word spread pretty quickly.

Credit to the original core group goes out to:
Mykl: Logic Mentor and Chief Rabble
DC: She was the one kicking and screaming
Zach: Boy genius and Webmaster
Walt Marshall: My first formal instructor
Blues: He lurks more than posts
Rob: Who quickly endeared himself to us and spread the word tirelessly
Spark: For endless technical assist
Eric at GlockTalk: For seeing us as ally, not competitor

Credit for our current success goes out first to our Members and second to the Moderators who volunteer their time, expertise and judgement.

Now you know where we came from. Where are we going? Our goal is to be the premier firearms discussion site on the internet. A place where expert and novice, LEOs, military and "civilians" can all come together to learn from each other.

So if we sometimes appear heavy handed about protocol, I take full responsibility. While I have and will continue to make occasional mistakes that result in accusations of favoritism or hidden agenda, our only goals are stated in the previous paragraph.

ps: At time of this reply, registered Member count is at 1140 :)

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Rob Pincus
April 2, 1999, 12:59 AM
That's the first freakin' time I have evered been heard to have "Endeared" myself to Anyone !!

Truth is, I still have an Email from Rich in which he personally thanked my for checking out the site after I saw one of his announcements on Rec.guns... At that time he was touching base with everyone who signed up I think.. perhaps he still does, devoted as he is....

I was looking for a home on the net, since rec.guns is a ande several other Firearms boards are either very exclusive and condescending or very immature and worthless. I volunteered to help Rich make TFL the best place on the net, offering a 12 year history of On-line communication, a lifelong accumulation of Gun-thought, and a distinct ability to ignore the "moderation" in the word "moderator". I'm very grateful to Rich for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great experiment.

I have often been surprised and proud of what TFL has become.

Thanks to Rich and his forsight, determination and slightly overflowing pockets The Firing Line is the premier online firearms discussion site. I think TFL has attracted the "right" type of members from the get go. Not only self-appopinted authorities, but a hell of a lot of people who had legitimate questions and were looking for facts and thought out theories.. not just unsubstantiated opinion.

I am glad for the site and glad for the friends I have made through it. Both of which I think will be around for a long time, the former at least until Dec. 31st. ;)


4V50 Gary
April 4, 1999, 05:20 PM
The Health Plan made me join.

Jeff Thomas
April 4, 1999, 08:44 PM
Rob, I do hope you're kidding re: December 31. TFL is a great resource, and I hope its life is ongoing.