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March 24, 1999, 07:31 PM
I am considering buying the new stainless mini 14 ranch rifle with synthetic stock (KM-14P/5R). I would like to mount a large objective scope, particularly a Leupold Vari-X III 3.5-10x50. The rifle comes with "low profile" scope rings and I would like to know if this scope will fit so equipped. If not, does the mini 14 ranch rifle use standard Ruger type rings? If not, what kind of mounting system would I need? I am trying to keep it simple and rugged. I would appreciate any advice.

Rich Lucibella
March 24, 1999, 08:16 PM
Welcome to The Firing Line and thanks for the interesting question. The folks on Mykl's "Art of the Rifle" forum or George Stringer's Gunsmithing Forum should be able to help. You've posted to the Administrative suggestions Forum.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to ask you to repost to either of the other Forums. We don't have the ability to move threads. I'd have emailed this message to you, but your email is not available.
Rich Lucibella

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