View Full Version : +1 for Burris Optics..sort of.

August 2, 2008, 09:16 PM
I sent an old Burris 3x9 back to the factory for warranty work. Broken reticle. Didn't hear from them for about 6 weeks. I honestly didn't think they would fix it as their disclaimer talks about undue abuse. The scope was pretty bqanged up.
They finally called and asked if I would consider buying a new scope rather than them fixing the old one. This made me rather apprehensive until he told me to pick any scope off of their website and he would only charge me 25% of the listed retail price..Pretty solid deal in my book, I bought a new Fullfield II for less than 90 bucks. Of course, 25% of MSRP is a lot more than the 209 bucks that Sp Whse sells it for. I'm happy.
The sort of comes from that fact that my father had stopped at their place in Greeley, Co, where I shipped it to, and they had basically given him the bum's rush. The lady didn't even want to talk to him about it. Not sure if my father somehow angered her or what.
At any rate, I have a new scope on its' way.

August 5, 2008, 02:39 PM
i had the same thing happen to me, they offered me the same deal, 25% of msrp, but on their web site the same scope i was interested in was being sold for 50% off msrp, i added what they wanted to what i paid for my old scope and came up with more than i wanted to put into the new scope, after talking to bob at burris,s i was told my 4x12 burris was a fogger(they were aware my 4x12 was bad ie.a fogger and did not want to honor their life time warrenty). after sparring with bob about their scopes,i was told they would fix it. but it has left a sour taste in my mouth about burris scopes and i think i will sell all my burris scope as soon as i can with out looseing to much money and buy all leupolds in the future. eastbank. PS the first person i talked to was a women named JAN and she is a credit to the company.

August 11, 2008, 11:19 AM
My Fullfield II had a sticker on it that said Philipines.

This is my second Burris. I really like them. Also like their rings.