View Full Version : Belt and holster review

August 1, 2008, 10:45 PM
Just a quick initial quality review of a couple items I received for my birthday. First was a 5.11 Tactical belt, this is a black leather basket weave belt with a Permastiff insert to support a holstered gun. The belt looks and fits great and doesn't sag or tilt under the weight of a loaded 1911 in a Don Hume OWB holster.

On to the holster, it is an Ambi Cover IWB from www.Shado.com. This is a beautiful leather holster that is perfectly formed and has a reinforced mouth. The holster rides high and is very comfortable for all day carry, great buy for $52.95 shipped. I am currently waiting on a clamshell holster for my S&W 442 from them and will post a review of it as well.

I have had both of these items for a week and am very impressed with the quality and comfort. The belt is my first actual "gun belt" so I am no expert on the subject, but for less than half the price of some other belts, it works!