View Full Version : Links/Library/Tell A Friend GONE

January 4, 1999, 05:44 PM
Rich -

When I logged on this afternoon, around 1700, the line with links/library/tell a friend was gone from the screen. Maybe lost in the upgrade?

4V50 Gary
January 4, 1999, 05:51 PM
Help Rich,

I'm losing it again and taping that kitchen knife back on the barrel of my rifle! Where are the links?


Rich Lucibella
January 4, 1999, 06:15 PM
Right you are guys. Here's the deal.

We've customized the UBB Software to put our Links and Library on the Forum page. Each time we intall a UBB Patch or Upgrade we have to redo all the customizations. This is becoming wearisome and expensive.

I've decided to put the library and links on the Homepage, http://www.thefiringline.com , to avoid these constant rewrites. That should be accomplished in the next few days.