View Full Version : One month and 4 days, big river tactical order still absent.

August 1, 2008, 02:11 PM
I placed an order for scope rings and a base over a month ago from big river tactical. The order was messed up and sent back. Alright....acceptable, stuff happens. He sends out the rings, they arrive a week ago. He also sent me a t-shirt wich arrived yesterday. Now where are the rings? My last trip to the range this summer is tommorow and this is the second trip ive missed with my savage because of this mess. I would just like to advise everyone. Free t-shirt was nice for compensation....but all I want is my rings and base so I can shoot. Is a month and 4 (Base still not here) days a little rediculous for a scope base and two scope rings that arent in stock to ship?