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Jeff Thomas
December 9, 1998, 03:11 AM
Probably sounds pretty ignorant, but I can't always figure out all of the abbreviations I'm reading. Perhaps you could add a small list of common abbreviations in your FAQ's? The standard abbreviations included, such as BTW (by the way) and so on. I still don't get IMHO! Just learned AD (accidential discharge).

Thanks for a great resource. And, for letting honest citizens (like me and my family) benefit from the clear wealth of law enforcement and military experience on your site. It's good to feel like there are still some LEO's out there that believe we have a right to protect our lives and property even if they don't get there in time to help us out! Happy holidays.

Rob Pincus
December 9, 1998, 03:18 AM
IMHO: In my humble opinion. Though some people use it as In my honest opinion, because they lack humility. Generally, I use it, as the former, when I am treading into an area that I feel completely unqualified to speak ;).

AD is interchangle with ND, which is the pessimistic version: Negligent Discharge

ROTFLMFAO is likely to be seen if anyone ever posts what I scored at the last GSSF (Glock Shooting Sports Foundation) match. (which I am protesting, BTW.)

See, when I think about the GSSF results I get flustered and it causes me to have to come back and edit my mistakes....

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Rich Lucibella
December 9, 1998, 09:48 AM
Welcome. This site is not LEO sponsored or run. The fact that so many LEO's have reached out to participate is heartening in light of what the Media and the Clintonistas would have us believe.

It's great to watch this site grow as an interface for liberterians (small "l") from all walks of life; uniformed and not. I'm reminded daily that the enemy is not "us" or "them".

YMMV- Your Mileage May Vary
LOL- Laugh Out Loud
ROFLMAO- Rolling on Floor Laughing my Butt Off
(g)- Grin
(vbg)- Very Big Grin


December 9, 1998, 06:24 PM
Lets not forget BRBMNC.

(Be right back, mother nature calls)


Mouse Assassins inc.

Jeff Thomas
December 10, 1998, 10:22 PM
Thanks for the tips, and the humor! Adios