View Full Version : Password not working for you? Read here...

October 18, 1998, 01:03 PM
Just a side note to what Zach just posted:

By far, the most common complaint recieved on the various boards I have run is that "My password isn't working!!!!"

Typically, the solution to this situation forms around one of two main user errors:

<ol> Typing a Capital O instead of a zero (0). It's easy to confuse these two, which is why I recommend that when you get your password, you copy and paste it into the required box until you change it.</li>
Not copying the password exactly as it is shown. The UBB software is case sensitive when it comes to names and passwords. So when it runs it's checks, Spark is not the same as spark or SPARK. So, make sure that you type in your name and password exactly as it appears.

Like I said, by far these are the two most common problems I encounter, so good luck, and remember: attention to detail.


November 3, 1998, 03:57 PM
copy and past was the only way I could get my password to work. "Control C" copies and "Control V" pastes it using WIN95... I tried typing it in using both ways...oO0 etc... none worked... I still don't know what was going on with it.

Members should note: When you change you E-mail address - your automatically given a new password emailed to the address you entered. Hopefully you didn't have a Type-O there or your out of luck...