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October 21, 1998, 12:18 PM
ok I got a problem...

I have come to the realization that
when I come to the forum, everything is ALWAYS new. I think the cookie from my very first visit is stuck or something. I have a few threads that are always yellow, but the majority are red. Also I always get cross hairs on the main page...havent seen a bullet hole yet.
Took me awhile to realize this =D
Any suggestions?

Rich Lucibella
October 21, 1998, 12:37 PM
Bet you're using Netscape Navigator like me. It has to do with an early on change we did.

Here's the fix:
-Go to your Netscape Directory
-Search for Cookies.txt
-Open it with a text editor.
-Delete all lines including the text: thefiringline
-Come back to the Forums

All the posts will still show as unread, but after the first time your cookies will update properly.
Let us know if this works.

October 21, 1998, 02:04 PM
actually no, I using IE.
I would love to be using netscape...but netscape has decided that it will no longer alow java to exsist on my computer...this as soon as it sees anything more complext than a rollover it crashes, and takes my entire system with it.
I've tried to reinstall, and install stand alone versions. Nothing has helped, so for now I am limited to IE. I will get around to fixing it eventualy because, well hey, life just looks better in netscape =)

Rich Lucibella
October 21, 1998, 02:11 PM
Then you need to find your Cookies and edit them.
Let us know what you find.

October 22, 1998, 06:56 AM
ShadedDude the cookies file in IE is at

C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files<Br>
This is where it stores all cookies, it is a little time consuming because you have to say Yes i want to delete this cookie for EVERY cookie.

October 22, 1998, 11:09 AM
There is a program called Cache and Cookie Washer. What it does is keep you from storing cookies and history on you - except the cookies YOU want to keep. This has many advantages. When I started out I did know about them - after a year of heavy internet use my HD was full and I didn't know why untill I opened up my cookie file. This program keeps that from happening while managing the ones you want to keep. Try it out - free download. You will have to search for it, search off snap.com or hotbot.com - you should find it with no problem... Also a program called WINDOWS WASHER is very handy as well. I found these off the Kim Komando web site www.komando.com She is the science editor for popular science magazine - and gorgeous as well - worth the look.

October 22, 1998, 11:47 AM
Cool. I ate all my cookies and now my screen is full of bullet holes =)

Zach was right on both counts, they are in the temp I-net files...and you do have to kill each one. But it worked!

Thanks alot guys!