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October 16, 1998, 03:02 PM
Hey all!

Since Zach has been fielding questions about HTML, I thought I would lend my two cents in here. It would behoove you to learn the UBB code that functions with this software. While it isn't as robust as HTML, it's a lot easier to learn, and if you should accidentally make a mistake in the code, it won't take down the entire thread, unlike HTML.

The UBB code is referenced to in the FAQ, you should be able to learn about it there.

Hope this helps, it is really easy to learn.


Rich Lucibella
October 16, 1998, 04:37 PM
As always, we owe you a debt of gratitude for watching over us in these early days. I've had Zach so busy with customizing the Forums that neither of us have spent much time on the UBB site.

I had no idea that HTML could cause problems with the board software. Zach's already taken the liberty of referencing the UBB code in his "adding Links" post.

Thanks again.

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