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Trapdoor Billy
October 12, 1998, 06:04 PM
Found you from a rec-guns post, stopped by to take-a-peek and ended up regitering myself. Where's all the cowboy action shooters? :-)

Looks pretty good to me, I can not and will not ever say anything about spelling. You will see why soon enough.

Gonna pass your site around


Rich Lucibella
October 12, 1998, 07:56 PM
Thanks for the compliment. Cowboy Action Shooting is an area where I have no personal contacts. I emailed a few of the hotter sites inviting them to send a rep as Moderator and didn't recieve a reply.

By all means, if you're involved in this fast growing shooting sport, bring your friends in. We'll find a Moderator...or we'll draft you!
Rich Lucibella