View Full Version : August Rangemaster Newsletter & Incidents

Tom Givens
July 28, 2008, 12:40 PM
The August edition of Rangemaster’s monthly newsletter has been posted at www.rangemaster.com . This issue includes a lengthy article on leather IWB holsters, complete with lots of color photos.

Rangemaster has released a new DVD, “Concealed Carry for Self Defense”. This DVD runs 2 hours and 15 minutes, chock full of information on guns and holsters for concealed carry, plus shooting technique. Suitable for beginners or accomplished shooters, this DVD is $34.95. Call 901-370-5600 to order.

Yesterday in Knoxville, a nut-case killed 2 people and wounded 5 others inside a church, while members watched a children’s play. Last week, two young men were murdered outside a Christian recording studio in Ft. Worth. They were shot down, then executed with shots to the head. In neither case were any of the victims armed, I guess because they were in “safe places”. Wake up! Anywhere there are people there is a potential for extreme violence. In the Ft. Worth case, one of the young victims had a carry permit, but his gun was found at his home, where he had left it. Even if there were such a thing as “safe places” you have to go to and from them. Be armed.

The TBI just released a study of homicides in Tennessee in 2005-2007. There were 1,251 murders in Tennessee during those three years, and 34% of them occurred in Memphis. Contrary to the crap you hear from the media, only 21% of these murders were domestic related. In 57% of the cases, the murderer was not known to the victim (murder by a stranger, usually in the commission of a robbery).