View Full Version : What do you think about SPAS 12?

July 25, 2008, 04:46 PM
I am buying SPAS 12. I want to know how good and reliable is it. Are there any limitations in terms of what loads can we shoot from it?

How do you rate it for SD/HD?


July 25, 2008, 11:58 PM
My shooting buddy has one.
The first thing you notice is that it is fricken heavy.
The second thing you notice is that using it as a pump scatter gun will make your support arm bulk up to three times the size of your other arm. Shucking it with speed is not easy, IMO.
The manual of arms for it is the most complicated of any shotgun I have tried.
Because of the weight, it doesn't kick much with a standard 2 3/4" load.
The steel folding stock is not comfortable (on your face or shoulder) when you have a heavy load in it.
For HD, I would not like it due to the weight, complexity, etc. In a high stress situation, you need something simple to run and run fast.

Personally, I think it looks pretty tough, but I have absolutely no desire to own one unless I could turn a nice large profit on it in a short time. ;)

July 26, 2008, 12:52 AM
For the money you can buy 4 870's from the used rack and have far better guns and more of them.

July 26, 2008, 10:13 AM
It is very heavy. Although I have never shot one, I would think that the stock on it would kinda stink. It looks badass though. If you can handle it and deal with the stock go for it.

I just picked this up for $600 I think it looks very badass :)


July 26, 2008, 11:13 AM
My uncle had one, and thought it was the end-all and be-all of shotguns. After he spent some time actually shooting it (instead of looking at it) He traded it in for a nice browning pump.

July 26, 2008, 12:44 PM
What do you think in terms of a big guy as a gunman carrying for me? I have moss and otherd for me personal use, but I wanted this for guard. The very fact I like the most about it is that it looks ferocious.

Is it reliable though when shooting semi?

Any infamous malfunctions you have heard of?

July 27, 2008, 06:05 AM
Any infamous malfunctions you have heard of?

Erm, yes, actually.


Apparently, the ones with a lever type safety will fire when it's moved from safe to fire.

And the shock absorber may also be an issue, as detailed on the above website.

July 27, 2008, 07:18 AM
The edges of the stamped folding stock also do a nice job of slicing your cheek up when the gun recoils; the SPAS is mildly interesting from a technical point of view, but there are lots of better choices out there if you want an effective shotgun.

July 27, 2008, 09:48 AM
Great for Hollywood and games, not so great in real life. There are far better shotguns that are lighter, more reliable and easier to use.

My personal favorite is my Super 90.

Citizen Carrier
July 27, 2008, 12:46 PM
Agreed. The SPAS 12 was the ultimate 1980s movie and television shotgun, everything from the first "Terminator" to "The Wraith" to even a part in "Halloween 4" (or was it 5?) and many points in between.

Never had one myself, but I'm not suprised that a real life encounter with the SPAS 12 tends to be as disappointing as an experience with a Desert Eagle, the ultimate 1980s movie and television handgun.

I also remember that Franchi had to do a recall on SPAS 12 guns with a certain type of safety. Seems like the SPAS 12 came with either a lever safety or a push button safety and there was a problem with the gun sometimes firing when the safety was clicked off.

Just can't remember if it was the lever type or the button type that had this problem...

July 27, 2008, 12:55 PM
So then what do you guys recommend in the similar league. I need a mean looker with at least 8 shot cap.?

Citizen Carrier
July 27, 2008, 01:09 PM
I just got a Mossy 590 with a speed feed stock and ghost ring sights from a pal who needed some cash. Certainly mean looking enough, especially if I ever tip it with a bayonet.

I'm not really a shotgun guy though. I'll probably end up selling it and putting the profits toward some rifle or pistol upgrade. My Ruger Red Label with English stock is the only shotgun I've ever hung on to for any length of time, because I use it every now and then for skeet.

The Super 90, already mentioned, is worth a look too. I had one for a short while. Bought it while I was at Fort Sill for OBC. Functioned great, even with light target loads at the range busting clays.

July 27, 2008, 05:25 PM

I've owned this one since the late 80's It was given to me as a "house warming" gift when I bought my first home. They're OK, but spend your $$ on something more practical. They're fun to shoot BUT heavy and have the above problems stated. With little or no parts available it's a no brainer. Buy an 1100 or 870 and it'll last you a lifetime!

July 29, 2008, 06:52 PM
I would have to agree with the other posters. The Spas has many drawbacks, heavy and bulky, as well as difficult to operate be it stitching to and from semi/pump mode, or using it in pump mode. Add to that the difficulty in finding one, coupled with the price, and parts avalibility problems it would make it a poor choice for daily use.

The common problems as mentioned were the lever style saftey and the buffer in the reciecver. The buffer problem can be solved for around 50$ US but the saftey one would be stuck with.

That being said they do look great. A better choice would be the Benelli. all the same features as the Spas but in a reliable package. You could also research the Saiga 12 or FP6 line from Fabarm. Others have so cited good US choices that would be excellent/ comparable. But from your other posts you state say you ars located in the mid-east so I thought some European choices might be more readily available to you.

August 1, 2008, 12:16 AM
I have a Mossberg 590 with side saddle, heat shield AND bayonet. It looks badass and shoots nicely. Comes with a nice recoil pad on the stock. Action is smooth and fast. I can carry 10 rds on the gun with another 9 inside. If I need any more than that I always have the bayonet to fall back on.

August 1, 2008, 12:36 AM
My buddy bought one - waiting to see it in action, but, err, what do you do with it? Pistol range? Nope. Rifle range? Nope. Trap range? Nope. It's really one of those get-out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-to-waste-fruit kind of guns, but I haven't had that chance with him since he got it.