View Full Version : Sako 85 Kodiak

July 24, 2008, 01:10 AM
I was just drooling over at Sako's site and I noticed that on the Kodiak model they have the front swivel on a band that is directly attached to the barrel instead of the stock. It seems like having a sling attached right to the barrel like that would screw the harmonics all up. What do you guys think? I'm still new to rifle shooting and I'm under the impression that the barrel should be left alone to vibrate freely and consistently. That's why I removed the band from my 10/22 Carbine and free-floated the barrel by sanding out the stock from the action forward. And I'm getting better groups after doing those two things.

The way they mention this feature in the description is as if it's a bonus but it seems like it would be the opposite and disrupt the barrel harmonics. What if you were shooting with a military sling or a "hasty" sling? Would the amount of torque you applied with your arm affect the barrel vibration adversely and cause inconsistent results? I'm just trying to grok the whole harmonics thing here. I must not understand it correctly. Thanks in advance for any help.