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July 22, 2008, 09:18 AM
I'm starting out, and trying to decide how I want to pack my range case.

Right now I have a Technicians tool box that I've converted to carry most everything I need to go to the range. However it gets kinda full, and HEAVY. This is how it was packed the last trip.

pad of targets
300 rounds 22LR
100 rounds .38 / .357 50mix
Ear protection, muffs & plugs
safety glasses - with spare
assorted small tools
S&W Model 41
S&W Model 686 4"
5 loaded magazines for the 41
roll of masking tape for target stick-up

So what I'm thinking is to move all my Ammo to a Ammo Can - and bring that separately makingt he range case MUCH lighter. and give me alittle more room for some other things, like a towel, small canvas bag to collect and hold my spent brass, etc...

So what's common ... carry everything in ONE BIG bag or case? or carry your guns in their cases separately, just wondering...

July 22, 2008, 02:14 PM
Got probably way too much in it:

Safety Glasses

Ear Muffs

Tool kit and cleaning kit

Rule books for IDPA/ USPSA

Small first aid kit

Holster and mag pouches

8 mags for my XD

Water bottle

Batteries for camera

Bass bag

Snack bars


Glass cleaner, bug spray, suntan lotion and hand cleaner - sm sizes

Mag loader and ammo

Tape for pasting targets

July 22, 2008, 03:40 PM
I've tried lots of things. Everything from the small Wolf range bag to a large Midway hernia inducer. What I've been using lately is a wheeled double toolbox (http://www.stanleytools.com/default.asp?CATEGORY=ZAG+ROLLING+WORK&TYPE=PRODUCT&PARTNUMBER=018603R&SDesc=Stanley%26%23174%3B+2-in-1+Mobile+Work+Center) that I think I gave $50 for. It's flimsy and tippy but it holds a lot of gear. I'll probably replace it with the larger fatmax (http://www.stanleytools.com/default.asp?CATEGORY=ZAG+ROLLING+WORK&TYPE=PRODUCT&PARTNUMBER=020800R&SDesc=FatMax%26%23174%3B+4-in-1+Mobile+Work+Station) ($80) or one of the wheeled chests (http://www.stanleytools.com/default.asp?CATEGORY=ZAG+ROLLING+WORK&TYPE=PRODUCT&PARTNUMBER=033023R&SDesc=Stanley%26%23174%3B+Mobile+Tool+Chest). I figure I can make my own inserts and dividers.