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July 20, 2008, 11:11 PM
Would adding a muzzle break to my Yugo SKS make it illegal? After buying this rifle, all i can think about is fitting it with a new stock, detachable mags, and possibly a muzzle break. I can machine the break if neccesary and use a set screw because I doubt that I can re-thread it and keep it legal. If this be the case, i guess I will have to leave that out of the upgrades. :(

on another note, I spent two hours running a wet patch and brush through the bore of this thing and was still getting black wet patches and copper fouling on the dry ones. Would cleaning it that much hurt it? The bore and rifling look great in this thing, and the only thing that I see wrong with it is the stock has been engraved with initials and a serial number. Went to the range Saturday and did some 300 yard shooting at some old oxy/acetylene tanks, and it was pretty dead nuts. Had some FTF issues because I had the valve in the gas block turned the wrong way, but after the first 10 rounds that was quickly alleviated. But other than that, it is probably the best $90 I have ever spent.

Anyone have a source for some 30 round mags that hasnt had any problems feeding? CTD has some stamped steel mags and some polymer ones but most of the ones who bought the steel mags gave feedback that they had problems with them. I am not willing to spend more than $150 on upgrades, especially since I spent so little on the rifle, but I hate:barf: the wood stock on this thing, big and chunky on the grip and smells like old war, but I would keep it just because it is the original.

Another thing, is the firing pin supposed to be free floating on this or is there supposed to be a return spring on it? I keep reading reports of slam fires, and after I saw the firing pin rupture several primers (mostly when I had the valve turned the wrong way), I am worried about that. The range that I go to is usually pretty quiet and I am usually alone when I go out there, but I just dont want to be there when someone else is there and somehting like that happen and I get reported. I really like to obey the law and not get into trouble, thats why I am so curious about these things.

Thanks in advance guys...


July 20, 2008, 11:25 PM
922 is not your friend. if you want to make it detachable mag fed, you need to play the 10 or less rule, and lose the pigsticker. If you just want to change the stock, etc, while keeping it with the same mag, etc, you should be AOK. If you alter it to a non-importable status, you play ten or less. If you alter it but not to a non importable status, then the only thing you lose is the C&R status, must be restored to original before sold as C&R, IIRC.
Great rifles, have one, not quite that cheap, but still worth every penny!

July 20, 2008, 11:33 PM
I forgot to add that it has already been Kaliforinia-ized. No bayonet lug, no threads and of course, no bayonet. So if its already been Kalifornia-ized you cant do anything to it but shoot it?