View Full Version : Crossbreed holster woes

Sigma 40 Blaster
July 20, 2008, 12:18 PM
I have two crossbreed holsters, I was very happy with both of them until I started having trouble with the belt clips. They keep breaking. I wear an Uncle Mike's nylon/kydex belt, it's a little thicker than a good leather belt but not a whole lot thicker. Let me say that their customer service has been outstanding but I've went through five sets of clips on two holsters in a year or less. I like kydex but not for this use.

So I'm trying to find out if any of you customization gurus have found leather belt loops that you can use for your Crossbreed holster. I like the holster, modified it myself for a combat grip, and have grown to trust them...if the clips won't break.

I've been thinking about buying a FIST K10 holster for the heat of summer (very hot in TX) but would like to find a way to continue using these holsters without having to continually replace the clips, mounting nuts, and screws.